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This website provides an up-to-date analysis and synthesis of the most influential offset programs and activities. It reflects on lessons learned, and aims to inform consumers as well as participants and designers of current and future offset programs. The site is maintained by the Carbon Offset Research and Education (CORE) Initiative of the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. CORE's mission is to foster offset programs and policies that maximize their potential benefits, while minimizing their potential risks. The CORE team conducts cutting-edge research to inform policy makers and the general public. The site is divided into three interlinked sections:

Policy Information - provides in-depth analysis and information about offset design and policies.
Consumer Information - provides information relevant to offset buyers and offers an introduction to the world of carbon offsetting.
Aviation Information - provides an introduction to the issues related to GHG calculations from aviation for carbon offsetting.


Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is an independent, international non-profit research institute bridging science and policy for sustainable development.

Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI) is an international non-profit organization providing expertise, training material and courses to support a global community of experts with the highest standards of professional practice in measuring, accounting, auditing and managing greenhouse gas emissions; meeting the needs of governments, corporations and organizations large and small.

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